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Individual Therapy
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Together with your therapist, you can begin to identify patterns and behaviors that are keeping you from the life you want to live, and take positive steps towards becoming the person you would like to be.

Individuals come for a variety of different reasons including, but not limited to:

Couples Therapy
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Together with your therapist, you have the opportunity to reconcile or strengthen your relationship, whether you are dating, engaged, or married.

Couples come for a variety of different reasons including, but not limited to:

Family Therapy
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The health of a family unit is critical to the happiness and wellbeing of each individual family member. Together with your therapist, you can strive to make sure each family member is heard.

Families come for a variety of different reasons including, but not limited to:

Anger Management
Do you feel like you get to a point where you cannot control your anger? Do people tend to avoid you when you’re upset? Is your frustration and anger level affecting your daily living? marriage and family therapy can help. Our therapists will try to help you learn to express your anger in a healthy way by using different techniques. Some of these techniques may include relaxation, constructive anger, and practicing forgiveness. Our goal here at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center is to bring your anger to a level at which you can begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

Premarital Counseling
Are you and your fiance about to say your “I Do’s” but think you may need some extra tools on how to make your marriage last and be as successful as possible? Premarital counseling is a way for couples to prepare for their marriage, focus on what marriage means to each partner, and to figure out the potential strengths and weaknesses that they have as a couple which will lead to a healthy and happy marriage. Here at Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, we want to work with you and your fiance to help you get your marriage started off right. We will talk through your expectations about marriage and ways that you can effectively communicate both during your engagement and in your marriage. These tools will help you navigate the twists and turns that “forever” will bring. It is our goal to help you see marriage realistically while also helping you get prepared for your future together.

Are you and your family currently going through a divorce and finding it difficult to cope with the stress and challenges that divorce brings? Are you worried about how your children will cope and handle this change? Dealing with the change in parenting, helping children cope, restructuring the family roles, and dealing with the stress of divorce can be extremely difficult; however, one avenue of help is marriage and family therapy. Individuals, couples, and families who choose to seek therapy during this difficult process benefit from being able to process emotions, effectively communicate, and use the opportunity to foster healthy daily functioning.

Have you ever felt like you were in a state of disarray? Is there something going on in your life that is out of the norm and possibly unplanned? Are you feeling stressed or anxious? If any of these statements apply to you, certain life transitions, such as a death in the family, pregnancy, getting married, or retirement, may be interfering with your everyday life. If this is the case, it may be time to seek help. Fortunately, therapy can help to cope with these transitions. Here at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, our marriage and family therapists are trained in various techniques that can be tailored to make positive changes during difficult life transitions.

Problems with parenting? marriage and family therapy can help! At the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, therapists work to assist parents and families in forming better relationships. Therapy addresses issues such as emotional communication, managing and resolving conflict, parenting styles, effective discipline, and relationship repair amongst many other topics. Parenting issues can arise in any family. Therapy may help parents and children on the road towards a healthy, interacting family.

Eating Disorders/Body Image
Have you ever looked in the mirror and not like what you saw? Ever wonder if your perception of your body might be too critical? Luckily, these thoughts are completely normal. However, if these thoughts persist and you are unable to function in your daily activities it could be time to seek help. There are multiple ways to obtain balance, including marriage and family therapy. At the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, trained therapists may assist on the path to optimal health. Our kind and compassionate therapists can design an individual plan for therapy to seek to maintain balance in daily life.

Do you think that you and your significant other need some time apart? Are the strains of a relationship taking a toll on your everyday living? These are all normal feelings for couples to experience. At our therapy center we specialize in assisting couples with conflict resolution. We will help you learn to express what you are thinking and feeling to your relationship partner. Our goal is to provide an unbiased judgment free place that is specifically designed to help you work through your thought process as you seek to live the best life possible.

Have you ever felt like you worry too much? Does your heart sometimes beat abnormally fast, or do you ever have trouble sleeping? If these apply to you, you are not alone. This excessive and unrealistic worrying that seems to consume your everyday life could be generalized anxiety. If these symptoms are getting in the way of how you think your life should be, therapy might be the answer. There are many ways to cope with all types of anxiety; the therapy you receive at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center is one of them. Here at the Marriage and Family Therapy Center, our trained therapists can help you learn to cope with the struggles that accompany anxiety. They can adapt different therapeutic techniques to help your specific needs, and help you move towards the life that you want to live.

Couple Enrichment
Do you long for those days when your relationship was new and exciting? Do you wish that you could bring that spark back and learn to enjoy your relationship again? If so, coming into the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may be just what you need. Many couples struggle to remember what brought them into the relationship in the first place. Our therapists are trained to help you discover ways to bring the life back into your relationship. We want you to live life to the fullest, and to learn to get your life back to the way it is supposed to be.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut or can't shake feelings of sadness? Have you had difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, or feelings of worthlessness? These, plus many more could be symptoms of depression. If these symptoms hinder your everyday activities, it may be time to seek help. The good news is that there are many pathways to recovery, one of which is therapy. Here at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, our therapists are trained to help you alleviate your symptoms and work towards better daily functioning. We are here to help, so no matter who you are or where you have been, give us a call today.

Communication Issues
Do you feel as if your requests go unheard? Do you feel as if your partner ignores your needs? Communication is an important part of a relationship and learning to communicate well can potentially eliminate many of these difficult questions. Many people are accustomed to unhealthy habits such as shouting, defensiveness, criticizing, and withholding emotions. Recognizing that there is a communication problem in your relationship is an important step towards having the relationship that you and your partner want. Therapists provide a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can move towards change by getting coached on better communication skills. Therapists use a variety of methods to help, and may find one method that suites you best. It may feel like there is no way to break the habit of bad communication, but with the help of our trained therapists, you will begin to change your habits and begin down the road to a happier, more rewarding relationship!

Relationship Distress/Conflict
Are you and your relationship partner fighting often? Are you feeling discouraged about the direction of your relationship? Therapy may be a useful tool for clients that are committed to remedy distress within their relationships. A few of the most common disagreements are lack of quality time, unfair division of labor, child rearing tactics, financial struggles, and difficulty with other family members. Conflict is a normal occurrence within all relationships but should be handled in a positive way. Successful conflict management strategies enable couples to communicate in ways that promote understanding, resolve differences, and foster intimacy. Therapists may be able to aid couples in constructing strategies that enable couples work through distress and conflict in a manner that promotes a healthy relationship.

Single Parenting
Are you facing the challenges of parenting alone? Do you get overwhelmed by trying to do everything by yourself? Single parents face unique challenges and increased stress within the family system. It is often difficult for single parents to adequately perform parental tasks for both mother and father roles. Therapy may be able to assist clients to appropriately balance both parental roles, as well as develop new family themes, identities, roles, and responsibilities.

Blended Families/Remarriage
Are you getting remarried? Are you worried about the challenges that come with blending two separate families into one? After a remarriage has occurred and the two separate families are merging together, typically the families remain divided along biological lines. This time can be stressful and turbulent. It is important to complete the tasks of defining a realistic new stepfamily identity, restructuring family boundaries, and strengthening emotional bonds in order to complete the successful merging of two families. Therapists at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may be able to assist families progress through the tasks in a healthy manner.

Child/Adolescent Issues
Are you concerned about your child? Are they acting out? Are you overwhelmed? Parents struggling with child and adolescent issues may feel as though they are failing as parents. Therapists at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may be able to assist parents and their children/adolescents communicate in a more productive way, and help with strategies to handle the issues they are experiencing.

Divorce (Child's Perspective)
Are you worried about how your child is handling your divorce? Children experience parental divorce in many unique ways. Often children are depressed, anxious, angry, and demanding when they are initially informed of the impending divorce. Therapy may assist children and their families adapt to the new family system by aiding in the emotional process, increasing communication, and/or setting goals towards a healthy family dynamic. A child’s achievement of a positive adaptation to the parental divorce is important for children’s future intimate relationships.

Have you recently lost someone that you loved? The death of a family member can disrupt a family’s equilibrium and produce major changes in the family’s structure, requiring alterations in the family’s strategies. Families should manage many tasks after the loss including the acceptance of the reality that a loss has occurred, share experiences of pain and grief, and reorganize the family system in response to the loss. Therapy at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may enable the ability to master these tasks and supply strategies that aid the family unit to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Learning that your significant other has cheated can be one of the most emotionally-devastating events to happen within a marriage. The couple might be feeling immense grief, anger, shame, or confusion. Therapists at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may be able help the couple process the emotions both partners feel and move forward toward the desired goal.

A variety of conflicts may occur with the exploration of sexual identity. Some people may feel distress balancing their sexual feelings and other important personal values and attitudes. At the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center, our therapists may be able to help clients overcome their distress.

Abuse (Physical and Emotional)
Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual, and/or physical. If you are being abused you may feel confused, angry, and/or trapped. Therapists at the Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center may be able to help you overcome abuse in your relationships and transition into a healthy dynamic, or help in moving out of the abusive relationship.

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